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Investors held back at first. But, PosiGen, under CEO, Thomas Neyhart, swayed the conservative funders from yellow light to green. He did it so well, his renewable energy startup, which entered the green business milieu in 2011, currently has a million dollar credit line. It’s equity and tax equity combined come to more than $30 million (Pitchbook). 


It could be assumed PosiGen CEO, Thomas Neyhart, has an unusually silvery tongue. However, it’s more to the point to suggest the silver comes from the tongues of customers. Data proves under CEO, Thomas Neyhart, the company spends far less than other green energy providers to attract new clientele. Word of mouth has done more to push PosiGen into the limelight than marketing strategies. It’s undoubtedly the gold of satisfied user recommendation which has swayed investors the most. As one example, the Connecticut Green Bank aided PosiGen to create its credit line. 


The persuasive powers of PosiGen CEO, Thomas Neyhart may have proved integral for the inception of PosiGen. But it’s continuance has been fueled since inauguration by happy customers. It’s the PosiGen users who’ve spread the word more effectively than even social media, alerting neighbors, workmates and friends. High-efficiency solar systems can be had at affordable rates, even without stellar FICO to substantiate the approval. The PosiGen model of easily replicated systems and needful upgrades for homeowners in Louisiana, New York and Connecticut has breathed fresh life into old homes. The savings aids homeowners, which benefits communities. The satisfying results create satisfying referrals. 


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