Sawyer Howitt As An Entrepreneur And Philanthropist

Sawyer Howitt is an influential young entrepreneur renowned for his successes. Aged 17, Howitt’s accomplishments and achievements are beyond what most people can ever achieve in a lifetime.

As a project manager working at Meriweather Group, which is a significant company offering business growth and development service, he assists both macro and micro businesses to expand by adapting to the current advanced technology.

Not only is he an achiever in the professional field but also a renown philanthropist and student. He is known for actively campaigning for youth empowerment and mentorship. From working with the Meriweather Group, interns and his colleagues at school he has gathered traits and knowledge that contributes to his success as an influential young entrepreneur from his expertise on emerging technologies and new trends, Sawyer has devised five lessons that can assist future entrepreneurs regardless of age in their business endeavors.

“There Is No Right Time”

Starting a business, of course, must be carefully and diligently thought about. However, in many cases than not, the waiting game eventually turns into missed opportunities for growth. Sawyer Howitt says that if you have a passion and means to start something then do so right away because the time is now.

“Being Young Is an Advantage”

Commonly, being a young entrepreneur is often associated with lack of work experience and knowledge in your field. However, the lack of knowledge and expertise is counterbalanced by the youthful energy, the will and the persistence in your business goals.

“Practice SELF-confidence”

Self-confidence is a dominant trait that must be mastered. It involves taking ownership of your merits and being attentive to professional behavioral as you step up your skills and learn ways to treat people with more respect.

“Surround Yourself with The Right People”

Birds of the same feather flock together. By so saying it means that associating with high ranking entrepreneurs you will undoubtedly become one.

“Don’t Underestimate the Power of Networking”

Many at times simple conversations can give rise to extraordinarily powerful opportunities. It is paramount to keep track, records, and contacts of influential people in industries relevant to yours since they could be of help at times.

According to Sawyer Howitt , you can venture into business at any time regardless of your age and not necessarily with relevant experience. Associating with accomplished entrepreneurs is essential.