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Jason Hope has spent much of his professional life observing, promoting and financially backing efforts that serve to further influence the use and societal evolution of technology. His interest in technology development may be global in nature with a strong focus including his home country, the USA (Instagram).


About seven years ago, Jason Hope appeared impressed by an article noted from Reuters News that discussed an ongoing topic within technology: the internet of things. This term typically refers to invented mobile devices labeled as smart devices. These include iPhones, iPads, clocks, televisions and even smart meters, especially noted in the largest city in South Africa. About this same time, Jason Hope explained, it was estimated that half of the population in developing and growing countries were using some aspect of the internet of things. 


Jason Hope and The Internet of Things


Incidentally, at that time, what are known as point of sale terminals were said to exist throughout the continent of Africa. Moreover, the continent of Africa is said to be the most impoverished when compared to the financial picture of the other six continents. That is why investors such as Jason Hope are becoming more aware of the rise of this continent. However, for some time, South Africa has been one of the ongoing, active spots for machine-to-machine connectivity. 


It was estimated that this percentage cited earlier would steadily move from 50 percent to 60 percent by 2020. Futurist investor Jason Hope is said to see the further development of the internet of things to be of significant benefit across the whole world. Developing countries are likely to enjoy the improved connection on a local and international spectrum. Connection shared between people and machines is supposed to have a far reaching impact on the future of society and business, respectively. It is cited that in 2015, nearly 128 million persons were experiencing impact from the developing internet of things. The global digital economy serves as the stage on which the internet of things performs its role over time.