Fabletics Marketing; Transforming How Consumers See Products

Many companies are growing within this digital age with the help of social media, one stands above the rest. Set apart from its competitors, Fabletics is currently top in its field.


Kate Hudson is continually taking Fabletics to higher levels. Fabletics has done great research and execution of that research. Noticing a trend that consumers value the reviews of others consumers as much as personal recommendation from a long time friend. This shift in consumer behavior has caused a change in their marketing strategy. With the people looking online and on the internet for products, finding high rated and high valued products from other consumers is just as important. People see how one product with certain qualities has one rating and some comments on decent use. While another product very similar qualities have hundreds of ratings and hundreds of comments. These reviews are confirmation that individual before their click purchase that this is the top of the line item over its competitors. By following this strategy for marketing, Fabletics is one of the top brands in 2017. Having grown rapidly and amassed an estimated revenue of $235 million and over one million consistent paying members.


Fabletics is seeing now a correlation between reviews and acquisition of customers. That the more reviews the more likely a person has felt they researched and now know the honest opinion of the people. People are beginning to distrust the companies and traditional marketing strategies. Consumers believe a company sole agenda is to take from them their hard earned money. Meanwhile, a consumer review is the honest take of another consumer that is conveying how the company or product has truly been beneficial. Trust is now established through consumer review conversation, not ad placement.


Fabletics can recognize trends, but so can consumers. Consumers are viewing not just the positives said about a business but also the negatives. With more consumers frequently viewing comments and reviews about companies, a negative review, just like a positive review, is just as influential in making a purchase or not. To drive up sales companies are now posting user reviews as much as products to boost sales. And one of the reasons for the boost in sales is now in the search. The more positive reviews for a company or product the better in lands on search criteria for sites like Google.


Kate Hudson recognized how her brand was not exclusive to a particular woman. But a brand that was for women of all shapes. Kate Hudson grew the brand by appealing to the masses, getting reviews from women of all shapes and sizes. With only positive comments showering in from a massive variety of women, it was only a matter of time. Kate Hudson even encourages all to take the Lifestyle Quiz, this quiz helps consumers find out the clothes that best fit them. Her brand exemplifies cutting-edge fashion, stylish comfort, and body acceptance.


With their company leveraging the power of the crowd, only more amazing results will follow.