Vijay Eswaran is a popular Malaysian author and businessperson born in 1960, October 7. Despite his current prowess in matters business, Mr. Vijay’s hails from a humble background. The following are some simple facts about him and his business that you should know.

Mr. Vijay Eswaran is a well-educated man having undertaken his undergraduate degree in socio-economic in London School of Economics in 1984. After completing his college, Mr. Vijay undertook a couple of jobs in different countries including France, Belgium, and UK.

In his stay in the UK, Eswaran decided to venture into the binary system market where he went on and obtained a professional certification in CIMA. Mr. Vijay’ educational journey does not stop here, in the year 1986, Vijay enrolled in the Southern Illinois University, USA where he obtained his MBA.

The establishment of QI Group of Companies

Upon completing his MBA program, Mr. Vijay started his career at Synaptics before going back to Malaysia where he began his entrepreneurial journey. With the help of a partner, Mr. Vijay founded the QI Group of companies in 1998. Read more: Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

Despite its small beginnings, the QI group of companies is now a reputable multilevel e-commerce based company with market coverage in industries such as media, travel, luxury products, wellness, training and corporate investments.

In addition to the above, the QI group of companies has established many subsidiary firms in almost thirty countries with its services ranging from hospitality, retail, education, finance and direct sales. Across the 30 countries QI serves, it has helped create approximately 1500 employment opportunities.

Like most successful, rich business people, Mr. Vijay Eswaran wears a heart of charity and philanthropy. Through his company, Vijay has been able to affect many lives positively all over the world. One foundation that characterizes his philanthropic activities is the Vijayaratnam Foundation.

Through this foundation named after his father, Mr. Vijay has been able to mentor and give individual donations to needy within the society. His efforts have always been recognized and appreciated. This includes when he featured in the Forbes Asia annual 2011 list of Heros for Philanthropy.

A lot can be said about Vijay Eswaran, but his immense contribution to charity and the business world, in general, will always be embedded in people’s minds and heart.