Established in 2002, VTA Publications is a company that specializes in supplying distance learning courses. The company also provides true stories of successful people which encourage others to achieve the same success. Besides catering, VTA Publications also provides services for hosting seminars, and organizing events.

The company has the understanding of cutting-edge information in the fields of economics and finance on It delivers this information to its clients both physically and digitally. In this manner, the company assists their customers to realize their potential.

Jim Hunt is the Chief Executive Officer of VTA Publications. Additionally, he is an investment analyst and financial adviser for the company. He is mainly focused on foreseeing stock and stock charts, as well as spotting market trends with great accuracy. Jim is currently providing strategic outlines and investment tips through his courses which are endowed online. The courses aim at teaching new investors on ways of investing safely.

With Hunt’s extensive knowledge on investments, he can give people tips on existing markets so as to assist them in accomplishing their goals. Jim Hunt displays a remarkable profit he made while prevailing a bear run through his YouTube channel. He has confidence in his stock market analyzing and prediction capability, which make him entirely commit his capital on investments at

Hunt utilizes social media as a medium of connecting with
clients and put out their ideas. The secret to a successful investment on Crunchbase can be formed into a guide through publication, to direct people into making the right choices for prosperity.

VTA Publications provides people the tools to gain skills from home for making better decisions in regards to life in general, and successful investment. The company has launched two products since its establishment; Make Mum a Millionaire which can be done in just 10 trades, and the Wealth Wave.

Wealth Wave is a marketing strategy where profits can be achieved by anyone from stocks falling on the market. Jim Hunt discovered it as a method which can be implemented in the stock exchange for trading. It claims you are only required to make a single trade to grow rich.