Oncotarget is a globally approved journal that covers the pathological foundations of all cancers, possible targets for therapy, and protocols applied to enhance cancer patients’ management. The journal addresses the long-term effect of management programs and current therapeutic agents and practices on the perspectives of the patient, including adherence, contentment, and quality of life. The journal gives a detailed explanation of the evidence behind newly discovered and existing therapies when it comes to improving health outcome.

Oncotarget receives impact factor

Oncotarget was founded in 2010 and bagged the impact factor of 6.67 back in 2012, becoming one of the world’s top journals in cancer and oncology research on scijournal.org. Since the inception of Oncotarget journal, the number of submissions has increased tremendously. Currently, Oncotarget is a bi-weekly journal, which has dozens of well researched and referenced papers per issue. The journal has a high probability of attracting almost all submissions in the specialty of cancer if it maintains its fast-paced growth. The management of Oncotarget has launched Oncoscience, a journal that covers a broad spectrum of the topic and has several sections led by associate editors. M

What makes Oncotarget Unique?

• Oncotarget is a reputable open access journal, meaning that readers can access and download research papers via an online platform.

Oncotarget receives an unprecedented number of papers but does not reject papers because of inadequate space. The electronic journal allows researchers to publish a large number of papers.

• Oncotarget prides itself for having a quick turnaround time than other medical journals globally. For instance, peer reviews can be completed within two or three weeks while the editor’s decision is made within two or seven days after peer review on DovePress.com. Therefore, the final decision is made within four weeks of submission of a research paper.

• The popularity of Oncotarget has increased immensely due to factors such as unending passion, simplicity, unique approach, evading untrained reviewers on YouTube, and a full utilization of all technical possibilities that modern technology has to offer.

Study indicates that E-cigarettes damages the gum tissue

A study carried out by researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) shows that electronic cigarettes cause similar damages to the gum and tissue just as conventional cigarettes do. Irfan Rahman, who serves as the Environmental Medicine’s professor at URMC, oversaw the study that was published in Oncotarget. The study established that burning of vapors found in e-cigarettes cause cells to produce inflammatory proteins that, in turn, aggravate stress within cells, leading to damage that could result in various oral diseases. See: https://twitter.com/oncotargetjrnl