It safe to say that most United States citizens will need legal services at some point in time in their life. Knowing this, I think the legal system should be set up in a way that makes it relatively simple to hire an experienced lawyer without so much of the hassle that goes into the process. Because of how intimidating the task of hiring a dependable attorney is, people will go against their own best interest and choose not to hire one at all. Thousands of people have neglected their legal issues because of how hard it is to navigate the legal system.

The New York State Bar Association has been helping New Yorkers find experienced attorneys for years now. It has offered an attorney referral service for over 30 years. And since the attorney referral service was established the New York State Bar Association has steadily improved upon the flaws of the service.

Recently, the New York State Bar Association has launched a free online service through its Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS). The new online portal allows individuals seeking an attorney to request an attorney referral by way of the worldwide web., a national provider of software and other IT solutions for the legal industry, helped the New York State Bar Association develop the 24 hour online portal.

Both the New York State Bar Association and were in favor of making the online portal available to non-New York residents because they believe it has the potential to become the go-to online destination for consumers and businesses on a global scale.

About Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, a boutique law firm specializing in corporate law. The astute attorney is also a member of the the New York State Bar Association.

Goldstein attended Cornell University and New York University, the latter of which he he received a law degree from.

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