The Kabbalah Centre Looks to Challenge the Way We See the World

Understanding the way the universe works and can be viewed is one of the major aspects of the study of Kabbalah for those who choose to open their minds and bodies to these ancient scriptures in all their forms. The teaching of Kabbalah has always been a controversial aspect of Judaism as the scriptures of Zohar, the world’s oldest religious piece of writing, was often discouraged by Jewish religious leaders for all but a chosen few; in the modern world the teaching of Kabbalah has hit new levels of popularity thanks to the work of The Kabbalah Centre.


The success of The Kabbalah Centre is often seen as beginning with the fact the group has translated the Zohar for easy access for those who have no experience with Hebrew of the works of Judaism. The Kabbalah Centre instead does not hold with the idea this is a piece of writing simply open to those who are members of the Jewish faith; instead, The Kabbalah Centre reaches out to every person who also believes the Zohar speaks to a belief in a universal wisdom that can supplement any belief system.


The majority of religions look to a single individual God as the head of a belief system, but The Kabbalah Centre teaches “The Light” is a God beyond the comprehension of humans who have struggled to see the full capacity of the universe. As part of the teachings of The Kabbalah Centre students are encouraged to open their bodies and minds to a higher level of learning and understanding that goes beyond the traditional five senses that have limited us to see all but one percent of the universe surrounding us.


Although Zohar is seen as a separate set of texts to the Bible it is often seen as transferring into many of the stories of the Old Testament. Moses is a biblical figure who is thought to have learned the secrets of Kabbalah and encoded many secrets in stories like the parting of the Red Sea as a way of passing them on to future generations.