Securus customers love its video visitation solution

For inmates doing time in the United States prison system, nothing is more important than being able to stay in touch with family members. The ability of inmates to stay in almost constant contact with their family provides a powerful incentive for good behavior and a sense of hope that, when they are finally released, they will have something to go home to.


Many studies have shown that regular social contract with prosocial, law-abiding citizens is the best way for inmates to avoid the pitfalls of institutionalization. This latter outcome occurs when inmates become so habituated to the prison environment that they simply cannot function outside of its structure. It readily occurs to inmates whose only social contact is with convicted felons, who are oftentimes severely antisocial individuals pursuing a life of crime.


Securus Technologies, the nation’s leading inmate communications provider, has rolled out a system of virtual video visitation that allows inmates to say in regular contact with their family members and other loved ones. This system provides a high-quality, face-to-face video feed that is available to inmates and their families, for a very low cost. Most inmates that are using the Securus system pay approximately $0.15 per minute . This compares very favorably to the best phone rates available throughout the U.S. prison system.



But the video visitation system is not just a great convenience to the inmates themselves. It is also a wonderful tool for the inmates’ families, allowing wives, children and parents to stay in touch with their incarcerated loved ones. In fact, the role of this technology plays in the lives of children cannot be overstated. Children from disadvantaged families that would not otherwise have the opportunity to have a father in their lives can now have him there, due to the benefits of Securus video visitation.

Securus Making It Easier For Police To Do Job

Police officers have an incredibly difficult job. Their hands are tied by procedure and the Constitution. There is an overwhelmingly high standard for admissible evidence to create an arrestable offense. This creates a situation in which the police know that there is wrongdoing on the horizon but can do nothing about it. It can also create a situation in which they know they should arrest somebody but lacks the evidence to do so.


So any time a company comes along with an innovation that allows police officers to do their jobs more effectively, I applaud them. In this case, I am giving credit to a company called Securus Technology. The company has a rather fancy website with a bunch of big words, explaining that they provide technological solutions to the law enforcement community. But one of their biggest businesses is providing telephone and video chat services to prisoners in jails all over the country. In fact, the company services over 1.2 million prisoners.


Now get a load of this — this company records every single phone call and video chat made by these inmates. They do this for posterity, but it is their latest software innovation that is really impressing me. It is called Investigator Pro 4.0 with voice search.


It addresses a very simple problem in the recorded telephone database — how do you search it? It’s not like a website with a page of text that you can search for keywords. So they developed a software that can search for specific voices. Heck, the software can even search for specific calls made between particular voices. This means they can understand who is calling which prisoner, what time and for what reason. It is a great way to gather evidence for search and arrest warrants, making it easier for police to do their jobs.