Dr. Saad Saad: From Being a Refugee to a Successful Physician

Dr. Saad Saad is a brilliant Palestinian doctor who is known for initiating humanitarian medical missions across the world. He is also an inventor, being able to develop two medical instruments that improved the surgical practice of doctors around the world.



Born to Palestinian Parents, Dr. Saad Saad had lived the life of a refugee. He spent most of his life in Kuwait, and during his high school days, he is being persuaded by his brothers to take up an engineering course once he enters college. However, he does not want to end up working under the scorching sun and told his parents that he wanted to work in a cool environment, and thought of becoming a surgeon instead. His parents supported him with his plans, and he was sent to a local college to study. The young Saad Saad showed his professors the skills and knowledge that he has when it comes to medicine, and he managed to graduate four years after he enrolled in the local college.



He then proceeded to Cairo, Egypt where he will be taking his medical degree. He enrolled himself at the Cairo University, and he slowly met new people that would become his closest friends. However, even if he is showing the people that he is approachable and kind, he would still prefer to study inside his room and ignore all of the socialization invites that are being given to him. For Dr. Saad Saad, studying is more important. During their graduation rights, he was awarded as the second placer in their class, and the school has recognized his work for the improvement of medicine in the university. Dr. Saad Saad then proceeded to the United Kingdom and finished his internship. He was given the professional license after he finished being an intern in a local hospital in England.



He went to his family and told them that he has a plan of living in the United States. He said to them that before he can proceed to the United States, he would need to take an examination in Lebanon that would determine his faith. His family prayed hard for him, and after he reached Lebanon, he was welcomed by the people behind the examination, and he finished after hours of speculating for answers. Dr. Saad Saad passed the exam, and he was allowed to go to the United States to further improve his skills in general and pediatric surgery.



When he reached the United States, Dr. Saad Saad met several people who would, later on, become his inspiration. His mentor in the field of surgery has also advised him to go back to Palestine and initiate a medical mission for the people who need help. He proceeded back to Palestine and served the people instead. Learn more: https://health.usnews.com/doctors/saad-saad-966528