Roberto Santiago is one of the most successful and beloved business people in Brazil. He is the owner of two of the country’s most popular shopping and entertainment destinations Manaira Shopping Mall and Mangeira Shopping Mall in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba state. Santiago is was born in Joao Pessoa and with the success of the malls he is now considered a hometown hero. But Roberto Santiago had been a popular person in Brazil long before he built the malls. He wrote a popular entertaining and enlightening blog and had been a well-known driver who won awards in motocross and kart championships.


The transition from sports and writing to entrepreneurship was a gradual process for Roberto Santiago. First he began working at Café Santa Rosa. Customers loved his warm, welcoming personality and the owners of the café like his discipline and work ethic and Santiago quickly became a favorite. After a period of time Roberto Santiago got the opportunity to go into business on his own. He started a company that made cardboard shipping boxes. He then started producing cartoon characters made out of cardboard. They were a huge hit with the tourists and enabled Santiago’s wealth to grow. Roberto Santiago also became involved in real estate for a number of years and had lots of success.


Then in 1987, Roberto Santiago began buying land in Joao Pessoa to build the first of his malls. It took two years to complete, but when it opened in 1989, people began coming from all over Brazil to do their shopping and just have fun at Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall has everything children and adults want. Built between two beaches, it offers shoppers a spectacular view of the surroundings. The mall has ballrooms, bowling alleys, 11 cinemas, an 18,000 foot gaming area with over 2,000 electronic betting machines, hundreds of stores, a food court with a wide array of fast food and fine dining choices, a gym, an amusement park, a financial institution and a college.


Even though Manaira Shopping Mall was already very popular, Roberto Santiago made an addition to the mall in 2009 that took it into the stratosphere. He added a two-level rooftop concert venue called Domus Hall. The facility is air-conditioned, soundproofed, has the latest high-tech music systems, seating for 4,000 and can hold 10,000 people. It has been used for graduation ceremonies, weddings, festivals, exhibitions and conferences. Domus Hall was also the site of some amazing live shows featuring top Brazilian and international artists.


The success of Manaira Shopping Mall has been great for the city of Joao Pessoa. Crowds are flocking to the city, businesses are relocating there, property values are rising and the local economy is booming.


Jeunesse is famous for its line of products, supplements and skincare solutions that are specifically designed to promote the spirit of youth. Jeunesse is different from other skincare lines in that it offers a holistic system that promotes youth and health both inside and out. The company offers hundreds of products to its clients and has representatives all over the world that promote Jeunesse. The company relies on these representatives to share the word about the power of Jeunesse’s products and to distribute them in a fast and economical way.

Of all of Jeunesse’s products, the company is most famous for its Y.E.S System. Y.E.S. stands for Youth Enhancement System. The line is a combination of nine products that were created to help the body stay youthful both on the inside and the outside. The system is a combination of a variety of items that range from skincare solutions, to supplements, to dietary solutions.

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The Y.E.S System is comprised if nine different elements that are designed to keep you young inside and out. There are nine elements of how the system is designed to keep you young. These elements are Rejuvenate, Defend, Diminish, Restore, Enhance, Balance, Energize, Beautify and Clarity. According to the Y.E.S System, by utilizing those nine elements, you will achieve the type of lasting youthfulness that you desire.

For example, to Rejuvenate, Jeunesse provides the Luminesce skin care line. The product provides anti-aging results and brings a radiance and youthfulness to your skin. The product also helps your skin to literally glow while getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles. The line even improved memory and concentration with the MIND product, designed to provide greater clarity in everyday life. MIND is made with clinically proven memory enhancement proteins that come from silkworm cocoons.

Jeunesse is the brainchild of successful entrepreneurs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The duo came together after realizing the power of these products and seeing the fact that they were not, at the time, widely available to people. They work with a team of thousands of people all across the world who sell Jeunesse and share information.

Most people across the world have turned to gas and oil as their main source of fuel. They are economical and easily accessible. This has attracted many companies into the gas and oil industry. Talos Energy happens to be one of the companies that have shown strong desire and commitment in the oil and gas industry. The experience the management team of this company has can be traced through several decades. The company is experienced in offshore production and exploration. The team is competent in acquiring developed deepwater assets and operated shelf. The company has cutting-edge technologies and innovative techniques that help it optimize, exploit and explore these assets.The company takes pride in a strong track record for over a decade now, which has helped it to yield positive results. The team is known to work cohesively to make such results possible.

The team had successfully started two Gulf of Mexico companies that dealt with oil and gas before they started Talos Energy in 2012. These two Mexico Gulf companies included Gryphon Exploration Company and Phoenix Exploration Company, which they later sold. Each of these companies used to deliver their equity investors significant returns. Out of such a solid foundation, Talos Energy has become a world-class and rapidly growing company. The company ensures its operations are environmentally friendly and safe. Moreover, the company is keen on finding better and new ways to operate.Premier Oil Plc and Sierra Oil Gas are the joint venture partners that Talos Energy works with. Zama-1 happens to be the first offshore exploration well Talos Energy drilled in Mexico. From the Dos Bocas Port, the well is located 60 kilometers away.

Besides producing natural gas in the Gulf Coast, Talos Energy is also involved in developing gas and oil properties in the Gulf of Mexico. Timothy Duncan founded the Houston-based Talos Energy in 2012 by raising equity of about $600 million from Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management.Talos Energy is also involved in business development activities such as farm-ins and JV’s. The seismic inventory the company utilizes is 10.2 million acres so as to enhance the utilization of its transaction economics. The workplace environment that this company provides inspires performance and unlocks potential. The company has continued to perfect and refine its technology. The company is known to offer services with robust benchmarking data and proven neuroscience. The kind of employee engagement solution it provides is worldly accepted and is useful in empowering different organizations to achieve amazing results.

The economic crisis of 2015 tested the genius of Roberto Santiago’s expense. When numerous sectors of this economy were still tinkering, the departmental stores were not influenced. The recognized strength of this section of the market has left it attracted lots of traders. Mr. Santiago states that he intends to continue developing, reinventing and improving expansion in leisure, sales and tour centers. Roberto Santiago may be the most renowned business man in the state of Paraiba plus a few of Brazil’s legendary business people. He’s the operator and director of Manaira retail center, located in his own hometown of Joao Pessoa. The mall is now the leisure and recreation centre from their nation of Paraiba. But, Mr. Roberto Santiago’s background to victory informs a lot more of his own determination, entrepreneurial and qualitative skill than his current accomplishment. The Roberto Santiago was created in Joao Pessoa. He attended Pio X-Marist higher education just before linking the University Centre of Joao Pessoa where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Mr. Santiago started off working at Café Santa Rosa, a décor fabricating corporation. To meet his attention in business, he abandoned the company and began Cartonnage corporation; he also began by attempting to sell cartons produced from cardboards. The organization climbed to produce several services and products that were cosmetic. Browse more about When his cartonnage company commenced making money, Roberto Santiago decided to invest in real estate. The decision turned out to be one of the most effective he ever made in building his own portfolio as a business man. It’s in his determination to purchase and produce property that the concept of Manaira looking Restaurant was first born. He acquired the property for its mall 1987 and built it two years. In 1989 that the mall has been established and had increased into its current In 2013, Robert Santiago produced a different Shopping Mall in Joao Pessoa called Mangeira. Together with these 2 malls, he’s contributed to advancing the social and economic elements of the metropolis. Besides becoming centres of family fun and entertainment, the 2 malls use countless of natives. Even the presence of the malls has also cause an growth in the purchase price of land in the region. Moreover, quite a few companies and businesses have relocated to the metropolis. See far more about comunique-se. com. Even the Manaira shopping mall is developed to some 75 000 m2 land in the city of Joao Pessoa and has 280 merchants. The absolute most striking feature regarding this shopping mall is its versatility. Roberto Santiago had created it to adapt the whole family. Besides this various looking shops, it has a concert hall, theatre, food court docket, gambling area, a gymnasium, banking institutions and also a faculty. It’s no marvel; it’s such a top reputation from their country of Paraiba.


In this changing shopping climate, shopping malls are doing one of two things. They are either closing down, or they are actually rethinking what they offer to the customers. With the internet becoming the primary tool for shopping, a mall that wants to survive has to offer something different. This is where it is important to look at the surviving malls. One thing a mall owner can do is look at what the thriving malls are doing right so that it can do some of the things the mall does. Roberto Santiago himself is a pioneer of the new mall with Manaira Shopping.


One way to bring back the malls is to change it from a primarily shopping platform to more of a hang out platform. People also go to the malls to meet one another and hang out. It is especially common for young people to hang around and enjoy their time at a mall. In this case, it is important to set up activities which enable people to do that. Among the activities some malls are setting up are arcades. However, there are even newer types of arcades that are popping up in malls. This type of arcade is merely a gaming center.


Manaira Shopping has at least 3 arcades for people to visit. It also has plenty of other places where people can hang out and meet with one another. There are lounges that allow people to just relax and enjoy the company of one another. Manaira Shopping is also a place where people can get an education. This makes it even better for the mall because it has a strong reputation for contributing to the future of children and other students.


As far as finding a direction to go in with enhancements, the best thing for a mall owner to do is use his creativity in order to come up with some really good solutions. While there can still be stores in the mall, the best thing to do is to make them more of a complementary activity as opposed to the primary activity of a customer.


Damac owner, Hussain Sajwani family and More

Damac Properties has completed countless award-winning residential, commercial and mixed projects throughout Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and even the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – with efforts in progress for regions like Jordan, Lebanon and the U.K. This Company has likewise released two of its master developments in Dubai with nearly 100 million square feet in between each. Damac Hills – formerly called Akoya by Damac – centers around Beverly Hills-style lifestyles on The Drive, and its championship-standard Trump International Golf Club in Dubai comes with a balanced mix of horizontal with vertical community living solutions. Trump International Golf Club Dubai opened in 2017 by guests of honor Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. The following development, Akoya Oxygen, boasts a second world-class course designed for Tiger Woods – the Trump World Golf Club in Dubai, home to The Dubai Rainforest with the Vista Lux – a retail, entertainment and dining destination.


Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani began Damac Properties in 2002, using Dubai’s government decrees that allowed foreigners to own properties in the Emirates. He viewed non-Emiratis as the top apartment buyers. After purchasing land in undeveloped parts of town, he then sold units within his first 38-story residential buildings in less than six months prior to beginning construction. Sajwani has helped burnish Dubai’s international image as a glittering destination, teaming with Donald Trump as of 2013 to develop two Trump-branded golf spots. The Trump International Golf Course in Dubai opened on February of 2017 at Damac’s own Akoya.


The Trump World Golf Course Opening

Designed by Tiger Woods, this property’s expected to open at an upcoming Damac event in 2018. In a press conference following his election as President of the U.S., Trump thanked Sajwani, calling him the amazing man who managed to offer him a $2-billion real estate deal within Dubai that he simply could not turn down. Sajwani originally began his career within food services, attracting clients like the U.S. military and even construction giant – Bechtel. He still owns food service firms in many places.


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Mike Baur is the co-founder and managing partner of the Swiss Startup Factory which began in 2014. For more than 20 years, Baur worked in the banking industry, including Clariden Leu and UBS. He began investing in startups when he quit the banking industry and before cofounding the Swiss Startup Factory with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. He also was a participating member in the START Summiteer jury. The START Summiteer was a contest held at the University of St. Gallen in startup pitching.


His Accolades in 2016


Last year was definitely a year of achievements for Baur. For one, he became CTI Invest’s deputy managing director in January 2016 when his company partnered with CTI. Secondly, his company partnered with Fintech Fusion in February 2016. He also led his company’s accelerator program with the Goldbach Group in early 2016. And lastly, the Wall Street Journal distinguished Baur in December 2016 from his early career in Swiss Banking to his startup investments and his entrepreneurship.


The Swiss Startup Factory


The launching of the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) was driven with a mission concerning the ambitions in creating global organizations which disrupt prevailing products, norms, and business models. Their core business consists of a three month program providing startups financing, coaching, mentoring, services, office space, and accessibility to a large network of investors and entrepreneurs. With a two-folded vision, including running a startup accelerator program to be the worldwide standard for all other accelerator programs, and having the ability to offer any startup with all services needed, these early stage companies will be well on their way to great success.


Mike Baur is also known as the visionary and the Mister Startup DNA in this company. And with Baur working with other executive leaders and mentors in this company, these early stage companies and talents have innate capability and access to win big. In the Swiss Startup Factory, investors will have a platform to accelerate ideas and will have a robust portfolio of startup. In addition to the financing and large network, startups will also have a customized service package, and other services are offered as well.


Lastly, this company has a female founders’ network that targets in building a strong, female, entrepreneurial ecosystem within Switzerland. They connect female founders, provide them needed resources and tools for a strong environment of female founders’ networking, open doors to angel investors and personal mentors, and offer continual support through this company’s network.


A veteran’s eye is absolutely essential today to successfully navigate a growing corporation around the shoals of rocky business environments. Kenneth Goodgame knows how to quickly identify mistakes in procurement, marketing and merchandising programs that can quickly sink a new product launch. He implements a smarter business strategy while promoting growth through employee engagement.

Key performance indicators using proven quality assurance systems must contribute to each quarterly and annual shareholder report. With the increasing dominance of mobile-based sales today, he sees the global family’s changes in their buying patterns. Now the focus must be on building consumer trust plus contributions to their local community. This is one of the essential trademarks of Goodgame’s management style. He knows how to find those unique characteristics that make a global enterprise locally responsive.

He knows what every retailer desires:
Repeat Business + Sales of high-profit-margin products &services.

Goodgame has a long history of coaching retailers to build loyalty among their customers. It is the keystone of his years as an executive at True Value and Ace Hardware in Chicago. His ability to move swiftly with trends in consumer purchasing habits are evidenced by his recent blog posts on his web page: where a resume fully details his career. There you will see that Goodgame wrote a recent blog post about the most explosive new product category in the Pet Supplies industry: Refrigerated Fresh Foods. He monitors the changing demographics that reshape the American Marketplace.

With full P&L management for over 85,000 SKUs at True Value Hardware it was the impact of the 2014 national television ads on local co-op owners. He led the creation of a 4-SKU end cap program, adopted by 2,400 stores – the most rapid store participation.

Career accomplishments include the fast turn-around of Techtronic Industries, N.A. as president of Baja Motorsports and Direct Tools Factory Outlets. This is a highly productive corporate leader and team player with deep experience in both procurement, new product launches, careful fiscal planning and corporate expansion.

Eric Pulier is a renowned American entrepreneur, philanthropist, public speaker, columnist, technologist and author based in Los Angeles, CA. Eric Pulier was brought up in Teaneck, New Jersey. He is a technology enthusiast since he was a young kid. In the fourth grade, Mr. Pulier started computer programming. He continued with his love of technology and started his own database company while he was in high school. He then continued his education at the Harvard University in 1984. He majored in English and American Literature where he graduated magna cum laude.

Pulier is a prominent and successful entrepreneur in public and enterprise technology. With his exceptional management, organizational and leadership skills, Mr. Pulier is privileged to be the co-founder of ServiceMesh, Inc. where he is the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairperson of the board. Additionally, Mr. Pulier has served in other reputable organizations. He is an erstwhile Vice President of Computer Sciences Corporation. He has also had the chance to serve at Cloud at CSC Australia Pty. Ltd as the General Manager. All the companies founded or co-founded by Eric Pulier are known to be very successful in their ventures. Some of such enterprises include US Interactive, Media Platform, TM Forum, Desktone, Akana, and ServiceMesh among much more.

Mr. Eric Pulier is also a recognized investor in venture capital funds and various charitable organizations. He has invested in venture capital funds such as Monitor Ventures, Trident Capital, and eCompanies. He is also an active investor in startup companies in various fields such as media and technology. Mr. Pulier also serves in the Bill Clinton’s Clinton Global Initiative as a member. At Enterprise Leadership Council, with his experience, Mr. Pulier serves as the Executive Director. For four years, Mr. Pulier served at the USC Marshall School’s Center for Telecommunication Management. Source:

Mr. Pulier also pioneers various organizations as a donor such as XPRIZE Foundation and the ACE Foundation. He is a board member at the Painted Turtle, which is a charitable organization.

Eric Pulier is actively involved in various philanthropic activities and programs. He profoundly donated to care for children suffering from chronic illnesses at Starbright Foundation. As a philanthropist, Mr. Pulier utilizes technology to solve various intractable difficulties in communities that are economically disadvantaged.

When it comes to the IT staffing company, Diversant, one of the things they stress the most when they prepare you for the world is the idea of being yourself. It might sound like something you have heard a lot in your life and it might even sound cliche, but it is true in every sense of the word. People want you to be your true self. When you walk into a room in a suit that you would never wear and try to act like someone you are not, people are going to pick up on that and people are going to notice it. You are going to come across as a phony. No one wants to hire a phony as you come across as disingenuous and fake.

However, when you are your true one hundred and ten percent self, people react to that, they like it, and they can feel it. People can get a vibe on you and find out where you are coming from and where you stand and what your true beliefs are and what is most important to you. After all, they are going to fall in love with the best version of yourself. If they don’t like you for who you are, chances are that you wouldn’t be a good fit there anyways.

As a member of the leadership and advisory board of Diversant, these are the types of things that John Goullet stresses when he meets with people. This is a man that always been himself and it has gotten him very, very far in life. It helped him found his own business, which helped Fortune 500 companies come up with solutions to issues and problems. A Fortune 500 company would not hire someone that is a fake, a phony, or a fraud. They have business savvy and they can see right there that and they don’t want anything to do with it. At the end of the day, you have to be comfortable with who you are, what you can do, and the preparation that has led you to this point. The rest will fall into place.

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