Bridget Scarr – on topic article

Bridget Scarr is a woman who believes in magic and believes that taking time for yourself is a necessity for success. Her ideas and creations have allowed her to work in the television and film industry for over 15 years. Bridget’s background is as diverse as the productions she has helped to develop. With drama, animation, virtual reality, factual entertainment, and lifestyle programming under her belt she is a force. As an entrepreneur Bridget Scarr sees the opportunities she is able to create with programming at Colibri Studios.


Bridget leads the content development, strategy and partnerships at Colibri Studios in London, United Kingdom. Her ideas of where this medium can go are endless and she works with the best within the industry to make these ideas come to life. Virtual reality programing is by far one that makes Bridget very excited at the possibilities. She has a firm belief that this form of media can be used as a tool in creating a whole new way of learning and teaching for all.


A deeply spiritual soul Bridget Scarr starts each of her days with a deep meditation where she finds her balance and centers herself. It is this that makes her creative energy flow until she makes it a point to leave work by lunch and spend that time with her partner and child. During the afternoon she continues work while allowing herself to be creative and restful. It’s again a balancing act that has worked for her.


Bridget did not come to any of this easily. Her last company that she worked tirelessly at had a very unpleasant end. She unfortunately had to see the side of people that can end careers quickly. It was her resolve to not allow this to break her and the love of her family that allowed this phoenix to rise from the ashes. Her partner and newborn son would be the shining light to lead her back to her path.


The depth of thought that Bridget Scarr puts into the projects she is a part of will definitely change Technology. From working with museums for a more personal perspective of art and history. Bridget is looking to make her films a richer and more personal experience while relaying history.


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