Bob Reina: Don’t Surrender

I often wonder how many people would have made it big in today’s world if they simply stuck it out. Too often in life, people have dreams and they don’t pursue them and they don’t go after them. In other cases, they have dreams, and they give up on them when they don’t go their way. In life, everything takes time and not a single thing is going to come easy. Too often, they think things are going to he handed to them. We are living in very different times in 2018. For many people, they become overnight sensations without much of a struggle. With You Tube, Instagram, and Facebook, it can be easy to get noticed and get attention. In many cases, a lot of these people do not even have any talent, whatsoever. That is the shame of it. Learn more:


In my eyes, the truly talented people should rise to the top. They have put in the hard work and they have done what is necessary to get ahead in life. They have logged the miles, they have worked late, and they have done everything that is needed. However, since it didn’t fall for them after so many years, they think they should look at other avenues for income or for a career. This, to me, is talent that is going to waste.


Instead of giving up and calling it quits, they need to have a chip on their shoulder. They need to use this as motivation to show everyone that doubted them that yes, they can do it and yes it is possible. It might have seemed out of reach and they might have stumbled around, but as Elton John once sang, “I’m Still Standing.” They need to tough it out and fight the good fight.


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