Highland Capital Management and James Dondero have made a tremendous influence in the North Dallas community for over two decades. The leading alternative investment management firm and board members have donated hours of their time and made large contributions to non-profit organizations. These organizations support various causes that desperately need improvement, especially museums, education and health. Initiatives of James Dondero for 2016 to increase its philanthropic contributions began by hiring Linda Owen, former executive of the Woodall Rogers Park Foundation. Mrs. Owen is thrilled to join the firm as the new Charitable Giving Manager and to guarantee contributions are given to charities supporting relevant causes.

James Dondero selected the best candidate to hold the Charitable Giving Manager position, based on qualifications and prior experience. Linda Owen displayed similar visions as Highland Capital and will help work on the expansion of the firm’s Charitable Giving Program through The Dallas Foundation. Since the late 1920’s, The Dallas Foundation serves North Texas by connecting donors with non-profit organizations. This foundation is crucial to the community and studies the most important challenges to provide solutions that will benefit families and children. Mr. Dondero chose Mrs. Owen to oversee all of Highland Capital Management’s donations to selective non-profits.

Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management, LP after a name change of Rangers Asset Management, in 1998. His expertise in the banking and investment industry started in 1990, while specializing in fixed income markets and secured bank loan management. He graduated from the Virginia University, earning a degree in accounting and finance. Mr. Dondero is a registered advisor with Securities Exchange Commission, Financial Analyst, and Certified Accountant of Management.

The Highland Capital Management Team, in Dallas, TX donated more than $10 million to the American Heart Association, Uplift Education, Education is Freedom and other non-profits supporting education, health and art. The firm and Mr. Dondero have donated approximately $20 million to support causes in the North Dallas community. Their initiatives for the Charitable Giving Program are to further expand contributions, which supports other causes that require immediate attention. Linda Owen is qualified, motivated and inspired to fulfill her role as Charitable Giving Manager.

Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning Repairmen is a name that is recognized for excellence in heating and air conditioning servicing and installation. But it hasn’t always been. The company started in 1939 and prospered for decades. They stumbled a bit several years ago. They had experienced such rapid growth, they lost their footing. They were facing charges of deceptive advertising and a number of other issues. Employee morale was extremely low. In December of 2012 Ken Goodrich, purchased the fledgling company. He had years of experience buying and selling HVAC companies, but he said this one was different.

Goettl Building off Rock-solid Foundation

Employees were filled with fear about any customer complaints and about the charges the company faced. No charges ever came from the accusations, but the business was declining. Goodrich, came in and took charge, replacing many in management positions, including the President of the company, the General Manager and others. Within 18 months of his arrival, the company was expecting $20 million in revenues up from $11 million when Goodrich took over.

Goodrich implemented training programs and quality standards that have turned the company completely around. They are now back to being known for extremely high quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. The Goettl name again stands for prestige and quality. Ken Goodrich reinstalled a vision for the company, and increased morale to new highs. There is excitement and confidence at the company once again.

Goettl offers a complete range of residential and commercial cooling services. These include air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance, and heat pumps. They have a 24/7 emergency service available as well. In addition to cooling systems, they also offer heating services. They install gas and electric furnaces. They provide services to help you keep your air systems running smoothly. In addition, they offer a home humidification and air cleaning service. They are there to serve your needs.