Mall Mogul Roberto Santiago: The Most Popular Entrepreneur In Brazil 

Roberto Santiago is one of the most successful and beloved business people in Brazil. He is the owner of two of the country’s most popular shopping and entertainment destinations Manaira Shopping Mall and Mangeira Shopping Mall in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba state. Santiago is was born in Joao Pessoa and with the success of the malls he is now considered a hometown hero. But Roberto Santiago had been a popular person in Brazil long before he built the malls. He wrote a popular entertaining and enlightening blog and had been a well-known driver who won awards in motocross and kart championships.


The transition from sports and writing to entrepreneurship was a gradual process for Roberto Santiago. First he began working at Café Santa Rosa. Customers loved his warm, welcoming personality and the owners of the café like his discipline and work ethic and Santiago quickly became a favorite. After a period of time Roberto Santiago got the opportunity to go into business on his own. He started a company that made cardboard shipping boxes. He then started producing cartoon characters made out of cardboard. They were a huge hit with the tourists and enabled Santiago’s wealth to grow. Roberto Santiago also became involved in real estate for a number of years and had lots of success.


Then in 1987, Roberto Santiago began buying land in Joao Pessoa to build the first of his malls. It took two years to complete, but when it opened in 1989, people began coming from all over Brazil to do their shopping and just have fun at Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall has everything children and adults want. Built between two beaches, it offers shoppers a spectacular view of the surroundings. The mall has ballrooms, bowling alleys, 11 cinemas, an 18,000 foot gaming area with over 2,000 electronic betting machines, hundreds of stores, a food court with a wide array of fast food and fine dining choices, a gym, an amusement park, a financial institution and a college.


Even though Manaira Shopping Mall was already very popular, Roberto Santiago made an addition to the mall in 2009 that took it into the stratosphere. He added a two-level rooftop concert venue called Domus Hall. The facility is air-conditioned, soundproofed, has the latest high-tech music systems, seating for 4,000 and can hold 10,000 people. It has been used for graduation ceremonies, weddings, festivals, exhibitions and conferences. Domus Hall was also the site of some amazing live shows featuring top Brazilian and international artists.


The success of Manaira Shopping Mall has been great for the city of Joao Pessoa. Crowds are flocking to the city, businesses are relocating there, property values are rising and the local economy is booming.


Dr. Saad Saad: From Being a Refugee to a Successful Physician

Dr. Saad Saad is a brilliant Palestinian doctor who is known for initiating humanitarian medical missions across the world. He is also an inventor, being able to develop two medical instruments that improved the surgical practice of doctors around the world.



Born to Palestinian Parents, Dr. Saad Saad had lived the life of a refugee. He spent most of his life in Kuwait, and during his high school days, he is being persuaded by his brothers to take up an engineering course once he enters college. However, he does not want to end up working under the scorching sun and told his parents that he wanted to work in a cool environment, and thought of becoming a surgeon instead. His parents supported him with his plans, and he was sent to a local college to study. The young Saad Saad showed his professors the skills and knowledge that he has when it comes to medicine, and he managed to graduate four years after he enrolled in the local college.



He then proceeded to Cairo, Egypt where he will be taking his medical degree. He enrolled himself at the Cairo University, and he slowly met new people that would become his closest friends. However, even if he is showing the people that he is approachable and kind, he would still prefer to study inside his room and ignore all of the socialization invites that are being given to him. For Dr. Saad Saad, studying is more important. During their graduation rights, he was awarded as the second placer in their class, and the school has recognized his work for the improvement of medicine in the university. Dr. Saad Saad then proceeded to the United Kingdom and finished his internship. He was given the professional license after he finished being an intern in a local hospital in England.



He went to his family and told them that he has a plan of living in the United States. He said to them that before he can proceed to the United States, he would need to take an examination in Lebanon that would determine his faith. His family prayed hard for him, and after he reached Lebanon, he was welcomed by the people behind the examination, and he finished after hours of speculating for answers. Dr. Saad Saad passed the exam, and he was allowed to go to the United States to further improve his skills in general and pediatric surgery.



When he reached the United States, Dr. Saad Saad met several people who would, later on, become his inspiration. His mentor in the field of surgery has also advised him to go back to Palestine and initiate a medical mission for the people who need help. He proceeded back to Palestine and served the people instead. Learn more:



How Jeunesse is Helping People Stay Youthful For Life

Jeunesse is famous for its line of products, supplements and skincare solutions that are specifically designed to promote the spirit of youth. Jeunesse is different from other skincare lines in that it offers a holistic system that promotes youth and health both inside and out. The company offers hundreds of products to its clients and has representatives all over the world that promote Jeunesse. The company relies on these representatives to share the word about the power of Jeunesse’s products and to distribute them in a fast and economical way.

Of all of Jeunesse’s products, the company is most famous for its Y.E.S System. Y.E.S. stands for Youth Enhancement System. The line is a combination of nine products that were created to help the body stay youthful both on the inside and the outside. The system is a combination of a variety of items that range from skincare solutions, to supplements, to dietary solutions.

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The Y.E.S System is comprised if nine different elements that are designed to keep you young inside and out. There are nine elements of how the system is designed to keep you young. These elements are Rejuvenate, Defend, Diminish, Restore, Enhance, Balance, Energize, Beautify and Clarity. According to the Y.E.S System, by utilizing those nine elements, you will achieve the type of lasting youthfulness that you desire.

For example, to Rejuvenate, Jeunesse provides the Luminesce skin care line. The product provides anti-aging results and brings a radiance and youthfulness to your skin. The product also helps your skin to literally glow while getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles. The line even improved memory and concentration with the MIND product, designed to provide greater clarity in everyday life. MIND is made with clinically proven memory enhancement proteins that come from silkworm cocoons.

Jeunesse is the brainchild of successful entrepreneurs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The duo came together after realizing the power of these products and seeing the fact that they were not, at the time, widely available to people. They work with a team of thousands of people all across the world who sell Jeunesse and share information.

The Role Of Shafik Sachedina For The Jamati Institutions

Shafik Sachedina serves the Jamati Institutions as the head of the department. His Highness Aga Khan established the institutions and remans the titular head. The leaders of the different departments do not have to report to him. Their work is coordinated by Shafik Sachedina and he is the one accountable to the Imam. It is important to note his position is not considered constitutional.

Tanzania is the birthplace of Shafik Sachedina and his date of birth is May of 1950. His undergraduate studies were conducted in England. This is also where he eventually attained his British citizenship. His studies were based at Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School located at the University of London. In 1975 he earned his degree to become a dental doctor. He is currently based at the Aga Khan Secretariat office in Aiglemont, France.

Shafik Sachedina’s role as head of the Jamati Institutions encompasses numerous responsibilities. This includes the coordination of the activities and programs of the Institute of Ismaili. These branches still exist in sixteen primary areas. The work he performs for the Ismaili Institute includes interfacing with the Development Network programs for the Aga Khan in the communities of Central Asia.

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The Institute of Ismaili Studies is based out of London, England. The research institute has been dedicated to the study, understanding and promotion of the contemporary and historical culture of Muslim societies. The goal of the institute is to provide a better understanding of the relationships Muslims have with other societies and faiths. This institution is additionally a venue serving the Ismaili community members so they are better able to understand their history and ethnic concepts. This includes learning about areas rarely discussed including esoteric Islam and Shi’ism.

The Ismaili Institute provides major resources regarding Ismaili codices. This is accomplished with the maintenance of a library containing an extremely large collection. These research materials provide an excellent source for students studying the culture of the Muslims. In addition to the vast research facilities, there are two graduate programs provided by the institute for students. These are the Islamic and Humanities Graduate Program and the Secondary Teacher Education Programme.

Shafik Sachedina promotes the Ismaili Institute’s objectives by making trips to different countries. He discusses important matters including the recent developments is Syria and Afghanistan. He commended the government of Russia for using peaceful methods to resolve the region’s current issues in addition to their position against terrorism and extremism.

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