With thousands of other clothing retailers all fighting for the same dollar as Amazon, it is no wonder the retail giant doesn’t really pay too much attention to the competition. Amazon is able to ring up 20 percent of all the sales in this fashion e-commerce market on cruise-control, each year distancing themselves from any competitor trying to make any headway. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is giving Amazon reason to pay them attention for one reason, they have sold $250 million in sales of women’s workout apparel in just under three short years.


This athleisure brand has been blazing a new trail that many other clothing retailers has crashed and burned on. If you ask Hudson to describe how her brand got to this point in such a short time, she credits reverse showrooming and the numerous membership perks awarded to her loyal customers. Just stop by the Fabletics store in the mall and you will discover that this is not your average shopping experience. In fact, there is so much more than shopping going on inside the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics retail shop. Women are window-shopping, trying on all the workout apparel, taking a lifestyle quiz, and even browsing all the new releases in yoga pants and leggings.


To take things to the next level in this fashion e-commerce market, you have to be willing to take a few chances. When you are trying all those pieces of apparel on inside the retail store, part of the benefit of membership includes all those pieces getting transferred to your online account. Now that you have those pieces in your cart and don’t have to worry about them fitting correctly, so what happens next is these women start buying on impulse. This is just part of the reason why the sales at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics are growing by leaps and bounds year after year.


Hudson’s Fabletics keeps on rewarding its loyal customers with things like discounted workout apparel, your own shopping assistant, and free shipping for online orders. Compare these perks to the free shipping discount that you get for $79 a year at Amazon. The whole shopping experience, from the mall to online, seems to have affected these female shoppers in a way that really has them excited. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has certainly gotten the attention of Amazon, and all signs indicate that this company is poised to really make a serious run for that top position.