The curtain is slowly closing on the incandescent bulb, which was a mainstay in the household for over a hundred years. People are starting to realize that the LED lighting is the main alternative to the former incandescent lights that filled their home and commercial buildings. LED lighting is a great technological advancement in lighting. The LED bulbs like the ones found at Gooee LED Lighting, are actually a bit sturdier than the incandescent lights, but the biggest advantages are that they have a much longer life span and require less energy.

Resistance To Change
People get set in their old habits and are very resistant to change. However, government mandates have removed incandescent bulbs from the shelves in the stores. Certainly, the next lighting that the average consumer buys is going to be alternative lighting like LED light’s. Resistance to change is useless, unless you have a stack of incandescent bulbs stashed in a bunker somewhere.

Most people base their incandescent bulb choice on the wattage. For example, 100 watts, 75 watts, 60 watts, or 40 watts. The higher the wattage, the more light that is expended. The lower the wattage, the less light expended. Of course, the higher the wattage, the more energy that is expended too. Lower wattage lights require less energy. Here is something to note. LED lights are different. The LED lights brightness is measured by LUMENS and not by wattage. The higher the LUMENS, the brighter the light. This is something important to keep in mind, while shopping for your new LED lights.